Wampiry Z Morganville Ksiega 2: Nocna Aleja, Maskarada Szaleńców (2010)
Wampiry z Morganville Ksiega 2: Nocna aleja, Maskarada szaleńców (2010)
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I'm torn I wanted to know what happened but I just couldn't connect with the main character Claire. And I found myself skimming pages instead of devouring every word. Maybe I should have read book one and two first but this was the only one at the library and I wanted to read this after reading a short story based around The Morganville Vampires which was obviously Eve's story. I found myself wishing she was the main character in this. I like her, I like Michael, Mirnyn, Sam and even Oliver. Jason made it interesting. I couldn't see the point in Monica except she use to be the bad guy in book 1 and 2 obviously so she couldn't just disappear. So I was harsh and gave it two stars and I'll decide how badly I want to know what happens and whether I could sit through another book to find out. This is volume 2 of the Morganville Vampire series, which contains both book three and four in continuing series.My thoughts, I thought book number three, which is Midnight Alley, started slow for me then picked up around the middle to the end. I get that there were all these clues and little things happening to add to the mystery to the book and preparing me for what is to come, but I just found it slow and I was just thinking get to it already because nothing was happening in my opinion. All that seemed to happen was you found out that Claire was no a "slave" to Amelie after making Claire sing a contract in the previous book to protect her friends (especially Shane, the boy that she loves)then it just goes from there and she is forced to work with Myrnin, who is this crazy vampire, who is sick and slowly dying just like the rest of the vampires in Morganville, dying of this sickness, and its Claire job to find the cure. And it just goes from there, and the crazy interactions with Myrnin, who does seem to like Claire as she helps him along the way, but he is a little creepy, and isn't lucid half the time plus his vampire side takes over and wants to kill Claire, which Claire has to escape from his clutches.Anyway the book picked up around the point where Michael, Eve, Claire, and Shane crash Monica's party. Then it became exciting, and made me glued to the book at that point. Many things happen that night including a fight between Shane and a party goer, a girl being killed at the party with bite marks on her neck with Claire, Eve, and Shane finding Micheal holding her dead body and they think he killed the girl so they walk. Then three of them decide to walk home and they are attacked by not only a party goer, but by Jason, Eve's psychotic brother, and Jason winds up stabbing Jason in the stomach with his knife nearly killing him, but he winds up okay.After all that , though however briefly, gets settled then Claire gets a note from Amelie, saying that she wants her to work with Myrnin again and continue on the search for the cure. Come to find out, Myrnin, who is nearly ready rip out Claire's throat, that Amelie, what a witch, sent Claire to Myrnin so he could kill her like he did with his other assistants in the past with Amelie believing that Claire would be of no further use to her anymore. But Myrnin fights it, tells Claire the history of Morganville and the search for the cure for the vampire illness, hoping the humans in the town held the key, and so Claire survives and they begin to work on a formula for the cure together, thereby Claire helping the vampire population. Claire leaves then finds herself kidnapped by a couple of zealots, who believe all vampires should be killed, in order to lure Michael there so they can kill him. Of coarse Michael comes to the rescue with Oliver helping along the way killing the humans that had kidnapped Claire, which was slightly unexpected for him to turn up, but I knew Michael would have come up with a backup plan so that he and Claire were most assuredly survive.Then stuff happens with Monica, where she takes the drug meant to cure and help the vampires, and winds up on her death bed (Claire took the drugs too, but did no considerable harm to her while on them, making her clear headed during the high, but then hangover when it was over, but Monica has a fatal reaction). And that's when a doctor has to get involved to save Monica's life so Claire has to reluctantly give him the drugs and Myrnin's blood so he could test it to come up with a cure for Monica (with Amelie's permission of coarse). And Monica then survives, though even though she didn't really deserve to after everything that's happened between her and Claire.And then the end came, which was so surprising and didn't really see coming, though I probably should have. Claire's parents come to town, telling Claire they are moving to Morganville, which freaks out Claire out because she knows the dangers of living in this town, but what is scarier is the arrival of a new scary vampire named Bishop, wanting to see his daughter Amelie, and if he didn't he would kill everyone in the Glass household, and that's how it ends. At first I was like what, how can you end it there, and it intrigued me to as what was going happen in the next book with Bishop and just in general so I started on book four, Feast of Fools, right away, and luckily it was contained in this book.I have to say that I liked book four better than book three because more seemed to happen and to me there was more mystery and anticipation throughout the book that made me hunger for more especially leading up to the grand ball that happens in the end that is talked about nearly half the book, and while I was reading I was dying to see what was going to happen there because I knew it was going to be big and it didn't really disappoint and made me want more, and want to go the next book.But basically book four is more of the introduction of Bishop and his two cronies who he brought with him with thoughts of acting on revenge on his daughter and taking over the town of Morganville, which he believes has been totally been mishandled by his daughter, who is controlling life there where humans and vampires are living together in seemingly peaceful time with rules and regulations and blah blah, but Bishop believes that's not how vampires should behave and should rule the roost with them being their vicious selves by killing humans for their food and just being the rulers of the humans. And the evilness from him just oozes off the paper and gave me the creeps, knowing that he was that bad. And I thought Amelie was bad with her coldness and not seeming to care about the humans or anyone just wanting control over them, but how wrong was I, even though I still think Amelie can be pretty bad at some time as well as Oliver, but Bishop takes the cake. Bishop's two followers seem to have the same beliefs, and have no bones of hurting anyone and would if necessary, and the female vampire takes an interest in Shane, which Claire doesn't like at all.As well as the fact that her parents are in the house with this evil vampire and would be staying here in town with this lunatic, and she wants to protect them as much as possible while they want her to come home with them to live.The initial meeting isn't too bad threats aside as Amelie does finally come to the house to speak with Bishop to see what he's up to while everyone waits.Then Claire is working on the cure some more, and checking on her parents while trying to have a life as best as she can all the while this ball looms over everyone's head, which everyone is talking about and is meant to welcome Bishop to the town with getting more and more tense as time goes by. Shane is sent an invitation from the female vampire to attend, and he has to go (because later we learned she threatened to kill Claire so he had to go no matter how much he didn't want to and loathed to), and everyone else getting similar invitations as well with Claire left out of the loop, no one invites her, and Amelie even makes Claire promise no to go because she doesn't belong there. And she does, though she doesn't stick to it.Claire becomes closer to Myrnin and they seem closer to the cure with Myrnin getting more time of lucidity so he can have a normal conversation with Claire. This is where he learns about the ball and is determined to go so he could help Amelie out of the mess with her father, but Claire denies that he should go, saying he needs to stay where he was.There are some cute moments between Shane and Claire, who are trying to have a normal relationship as best as she can, but the female vampire always seemed to be around to mess it up, and the readers find out that she can control Shane and Michael and anyone else to do anything she wanted even if the person didn't want to, which freaks both Shane and Claire out especially Claire especially with Shane being forced to go to the ball with her because the female vampire supposedly wants Shane for herself, which scares Claire as I could imagine it would. But Shane and Claire do get a few minutes to themselves with some kissy moments that are sweet and passionate at the same time, though it doesn't go farther than that even though they both want to, but Shane wants to keep his promise to her folks that he'll wait until she's older and more ready for that type of relationship. They have one final date night before the big ball, knowing that that night everything was about to change and it was so sweet yet a little heartbreaking because I didn't know what was going to come and thought that made something would separate them in the end (though I hoped not).The ball comes and Claire is the only one not invited aside from Myrnin, who she decides to go visit, and Myrnin convinces her to go the ball with him so they can see what was going on and help if they could if things got ugly. So, she agrees getting all dressed up in a costume and ready to go with Myrnin to see what was going on. So, they go and the entire time I'm waiting with bated breath to see what was going to happen like Claire did. Everything was fine and calm no violence whatsoever, and it was going well until Sam, a vampire and Michael's grandfather, refuses loyalty to Bishop, who is asking for it, and when he doesn't get it then he asks for Sam's human date as his gift, but Sam refuses. Bishop lets it go, and then Michael goes up and the same thing happens, by this point Bishop is getting peeved, but he lets Michael go then Oliver comes up with Eve, who is his date, and Oliver refuses his loyalty, but instead of taking Eve away like the other two vampires there, he just leaves her there and walks away, and Bishop and his cronies are ready to take a piece of Eve, and Michael freaks out of coarse, but Sam holds him back from taking Bishop on. But Shane comes to Eve's rescue sick of the happens and so done with being the female vampire's date, which just add to the tension even more in the room and Amelie steps in too saying that Bishop can't have the human tributes because they are all hers and don't belong to him, which just rakes up the anger in the room even more.Then Myrnin and Claire are asked to approach with Myrnin telling Claire to get ready to act (Myrnin gave her all sorts of weapons that could hurt the vampires that were hidden under her costume). Bishop greets them, and Myrnin tells Bishop off while Ysandre (the female vampire) grabs Claire by the neck, wanting a piece of her. So, Claire attacked the vampire, burning her face and causing her to let go of Claire while Myrnin rushes Bishop and attacks him, cutting Bishop with a knife then ran with his knife off the podium and into oblivion leaving Claire behind. Bishop just laughs after Myrnin runs off saying that they were just having fun and says he'll forget everything that just happens if Amelie swears loyalty to him. Amelie refuses, giving him nothing, and replies that she will give him his book that he desperately wants (now I forget what book this is since I read the first two books in this series a long time ago, but have a vague recollection of it I just remember what's in it though I know it's important). Amelie refuses again. Bishop threatens the town if he doesn't get the book, which at this point Claire stands up to him, saying he needs to leave, which amuses Bishop saying she couldn't do anything to him because she has no power. Then one by one, people loyal to Amelie and humans too, stand up to saying that they all will make him go too. And that's when all hell broke loose and the fighting began among the people (Bishop had some rogue vampires in the hall too to back him up if needed).Jason is one of the first people attacked by Ysandre with her fangs biting his neck, and Amelie rushes over to help him, but Jason just laughs, mocking her and stakes Amelie right in the heart, but since she was an old vampire she would be hurt but survive. And the fight continues while Claire is attacked and knocked out by Ysandre then later wakes up on Shane's lap back at home.The city has gone on lockdown with Bishop now attacking the town, even burning founder houses to the ground. With vampires taking refuge in Michael's house.Claire goes to see Amelie, who still has the stake in her, but is pulled out by Oliver and Sam, and she wakes up very hungry. She tells Claire to leave before she attacks, but not before saying that she needs to feed. Come to find out that Bishop has burned all blood that the vampires in town drink with the only way blood could be supplied if people donated, which some people consent to do while Claire goes to place she knows there's extra blood stored, so she uses a key to form the portal back to Myrnin's lab (she learned how to use portals in book three, which can transport her to different places with a key that she has), and surprise surprise finds Myrnin there, making Claire furious for not only abandoning Amelie in her time of need, but Claire too. He explains that it was all part of the plan that he formed with Amelie, he was never suppose to stay at the ball that he was just the distraction and get a sample of Bishop's blood then leave. Claire finds out that Bishop is not infected by the same disease the other vampires are and is in fact his blood is the cure to the disease. Which just adds another twist to the plot, making me wonder why he is the cure in the first place and how did he get that way and why are all the vampires in Morganville so sick to begin with?Claire is about to leave when Bishop comes out of the shadows, he had been following Claire in order to get to Myrnin, and Bishop pushes her through the portal leaving Bishop alone with Myrnin. Eventually she gets back to the Glass house and confronts Amelie telling her that Bishop has Myrnin and that Bishop's blood is in fact the cure. Claire is furious that Amelie seems not to care except only how she could use them to her end, which Amelie replies that she cares and that she wants the survival of her people as well as humans, which is why she came to Morganville in the first place, but she would sacrifice everyone for it if it was enough, which it isn't anymore. Amelie asks for help among everyone, splitting their force so Bishop can't takeover the town, even showing the humans how to kill vampires if they come across one of Bishop's vampires. Amelie gives people their assignments with Claire needing to go with her. Shane pipes up and says that he's going with Claire (to protect her), but Amelie gives him another job, where he would be in charge of the Bloodmobile and the book that Bishop so desperately wanted, freaking Claire out finding out that Amelie planned to use Shane as bait and not caring that she was doing so.And that's how it ends, I was like really, you're just going to leave it there just like that, making me want to read more of what's going to happen. Luckily I have Volume 3 with books five and six so I can just continue on, and I did and am about half way through five right now, but still shocked that's how book four ended. But I guess that was the point.Anyway overall this series is okay from what I read so far, and I definitely want to read what happens next and I definitely want to with all these endings that just leaving you hanging, which makes you want to read more, but this series isn't my favorite of all time. Just at some points it seems a little slow in the beginnings working up to the finish at the end of the book, but just like okay where is this all going exactly. And I like the characters in the series, but I don't love them like I do in other books (though I do like Shane and Claire together I think they are cute together) I have read in YA. I don't I can't describe what it is that doesn't make me love the series as much as others I have read, it just doesn't have the same pull for me like others have in the past. With that being said I am curious to see what come next and what happens and if questions are going to answered or not so I will continue on with the series, and if my curiosity is peaked then I'll continue on if not then I'll stop. But with the cliffhanger ending I'll probably want to read the rest of the books in the series just to find out what happens even if I'm totally in love with the series or the characters.
I love the action in this series, and the characters :)
Volume 2 is the second omnibus collection.
Good book, series is worth reading.
Another great book by Rachel Caine
great read
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