Watching Elijah Fall (2014)
Watching Elijah Fall (2014)
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I absolutely adored this book. I normally don't read anything under 100 pages, because they always seem to leave me either wondering why I wasted my time or begging for more.I'm more than happy to report this one had me pleading for more.My heart melted, swelled, and thumped along with the gently moving love story.As always, I would've liked more. Id have loved to see more intimate moments between Jacob and Elijah (duh), but also development in the relationship. But the epi is perfect and I couldn't help but to sigh in blissful happiness for these two.A great short read. Hm okay, while the plot was lovely somehow I failed to connect with this story.Nothing wrong with the characters - none were too much of a prick, though I often thought Nicholas as a bit too bubbly. This was quite angst-free, slow burn, friendship center kind of story, which I usually chomp with gusto. This time though... *shrugs*So I shall just leave it as "Read" sans rating, and who knows - someday I might reread this when the mood strike again and get lucky the second time around.
This was such a lovely and sweet romance.
3.5 stars short and sweet mm.
Just a feel good book.
Very sweet story.
Sweet ❤️
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