Wench (2010)
Wench (2010)
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Being an Ohioian it is so odd to think that just a couple hours from my house slave owners brought their slaves to vacation. I had heard there were undergraound railroad homes in my own town and I always thought it too far north, but in reality it was never too far North for the slaves to run. I found the concept interesting, plantation owners leaving their wives at home to vacation with their slave women / aka girlfriends. I wished the author would have gone deeper into the characters individual situations, but when the lead girl is cut outta the mix so are we. I plan on looking for more books that cener on slavery and Ohio, if anyone knows of any plz send em my way.Thx I liked the concept, time period and insight into what a slave's life might have been like during this difficult time in our history. I felt that the research was well-done and interesting. However, not only did I really dislike the ending, I felt it simply wasn't believable. There were several times where I felt that the characters and their actions were not consistent, making for many head-scratching moments. I realize people are not always consistent, but I felt the author didn't do a good job at not only weaving a tale where actions would be believable, but also at creating characters that I really cared about. I was interested in them, but I didn't really care about them all that much, whether I wept for them or loathed them. I felt like there were several scenes that shared too much sexual detail (while important to the story, I could have done with less description and understood what was happening just fine.)But the most disappointing was the sheer lack of hope or any kind of triumph. Again, the is a difficult topic and time period, but I went into it wanting to pull for these women and see at least one of them triumph. And not only was the ending a letdown, it was hard to believe the author chose that as the best way to end her book. The concept is fascinating, the book itself, disappointing.
This was a beautifully told story, but the ending was very disappointing.
I enjoyed this novel. I think the author is a terrific story teller.
very enjoyable but not amazing.
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