Wesley The Remarkable Story Of An Owl (2009)
Wesley The Remarkable Story Of An Owl (2009)
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1849010587 (ISBN13: 9781849010580)
Constable & Robinson
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This is an awesome story of a supposedly wild creature and the woman who raised him. I knew nothing about barn owls, but learned a lot in a really pleasant way--no didactic style here. The bond and communication between the author and her beloved pet is astounding; I cringed when Wesley unintentionally injured his owner and I laughed at his antics. The story is beautifully written and well-narrated by a new-to-me narrator, Renee Raudman, who conveys the antics and challenges with charm and clarity. My one quibble is with the subtitle: The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl. Since she was in grad school when she adopted Wesley, O'Brien wasn't really a "girl" and I expected a much younger person's story. That said, I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes animal stories. Be prepared to laugh...and cry. Stacy O'Brien is a zoologist who has had the unique experience of adopting an owl. The book cautions that owls do not necessarily make good pets, because they require an around the clock devotion to their care. O'Brien's situation is unique: her workplace has discovered this baby owl that cannot be rehabilitated to the wild Through Wesley's babyhood, O'Brien carries Wesley around in a sling, and except for the occasional baby-sitter, she is with him. Despite all doubts that a raptor can bond with a human, Wesley shows that he relates very well with his human caretaker. O'Brien has done a wonderful job of describing the way owls live and think.
What a lovely book, really really enjoyed it!
One of the most interesting books I've read.
...still crying
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