What Goes On Tour (2014)
What Goes on Tour (2014)
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Book Review- What Goes on Tour by Claire BostonLibby is an author and promoting her latest book. She meets Kent, the world famous American rock star on a talk show. It didn’t go well and is surprised to see him as his normal self, Adrian, when he brings his niece to her book signing. She gets invited by his niece, Kate, to the concert that night. Libby is excited to see the behind the scenes of a concert. That night Kate begs Libby for her help in writing a book. Libby, of course, agrees which leads to a job as Kate’s nanny. Libby is excited to have the job that allows her to write and hang out with Kate. Her only hesitation is Adrian. Libby is attracted to Adrian but she wants to be professional and can’t let her feelings go anywhere, besides he has made it clear that she will only be with them for the rest of the tour.Adrian is also drawn to Libby but his top priority is Kate. When they give in and start growing closer, a person from his past goes to the media. His tour erupts into a media circus with all sorts of negative press. Kate becomes his focus and his trust in Libby is shaken. Their lives blow up with the promise of never being the same.This book was a great read. The characters had a lot of depth. The storyline focused more on the characters during the rock tour instead of the rock tour itself. In fact the concerts were only mentioned really in passing except for that very first one. The storyline centered on what happened in the time around the concerts. The characters were normal people with their own issues. I liked how the reader saw them in the behind the scenes setting instead of in your face rock star fame. The author did a unique job of writing around most of Adrian’s fame as Kent. I really liked that aspect of the story. The point of interest was different from most rock star stories that concentrate on the fame. I give it a 4 out of 5. This book is a pearler. It’s one of those books I knew I’d love right from the first page because it’s so beautifully written. I was immediately drawn to Libby who is so completely unrockstar-like. She’s intelligent and caring and everything you want a heroine to be. I confess I have a soft spot for rock stars, real and fictional, so it was easy for me to fall for the reluctant rock star hero – and fall for him I did! This is a beautifully rendered story featuring two characters you’ll care about. Good cover too!
I will post the full review during the tour for this book
Looove it my first book for 2015!
My reviews will be post soon.
Easy read. Good mood book :)
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