What Good Is God?: In Search Of A Faith That Matters (2010)
What Good Is God?: In Search of a Faith That Matters (2010)
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The book takes a broader, "big picture" focus to events of our world and examines the overall Christian response, he shares his struggles,even with his education in Christianity, and as a writer, to the balance, the "tension" from the secular (response),as our culture evolves and any reliance to God and expressed in religion, could be seen as a weakness, especially in any extremes.Focus to Christ,his love and compassion, that is the heart of Christianity, as I understand it from this writing, the foundation to our life.We are not immune to problems,but our faith, grounded to love and compassion,will help us navigate our world.It also helps to read a lot,take time to contemplate,and write,share,with others. For me this book is a book that counter-culture of post-modern that expose sorrow, pain, and sin way too much so sometimes people do not see grace to sinful world. But Phillip elaborate with his experience that inside those sorrow, pain and sinful reality, God works unexpected.Phillip Yance tell us he world reality that has fallen into sin and the only people that really understand God's grace is the people who have realize that they have live in sinful world and totally despair.Phillip Yance use very narrative, romantic and descriptive words, so the readers can feel the pain, the sorrow and the reality of people that have live in sin. In the book we can also see that in world full of Sin there is still God's good work through grace upon His people. That make our hearts with all people all over the world saying " God is Good "
Not my favorite Yancey book, but still informative and challenging.
Simply fantastic, very much and eye-opener.
Very insightful. Loved it!
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