What Would Google Do? (2009)
What Would Google Do? (2009)
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Pentru toti cei care au macar un blog, daca nu cine stie ce website si magazin online, dar si pentru toti cei care sunt interesati de directia in care se indreapta comunicarea si comertul, daca nu si politica si alte domenii, cartea merita citita cu mare atentie. Ideea principala, de aplicat si in alte domenii, este aceea de a creea platforme pe care ceilalti sa-si dezvolte creativitatea - asta a facut Google... Our Promotional Marketing teacher recommends a book to us after every chapter, and this was one of those books. Although I am not "into" non-fiction books in general, I decided to give this a go simply because it had Google in it's name, and I wasn't disappointed with my choice.Truth be told, it isn't a mind shattering book, but it did give words to the ideas that we have been seeing already. It focuses on the change in society in the internet era and gives most of the credit to Google, although I slightly disagree here. The changes in society and how we work in community would have changed with or without Google, but it did serve as a catalyst so I'll concede.The first half of the book goes on to explore the ideas of transparency, openness, and collaboration and giving us mortals more control, the second half (which got repetitive but drove the points home) explores how those same ideas can be applied for everything from insurance to the government.It was worth the read. The chapter about "What business are we really in?" is something I never really considered, and I know it'll help me to analyze business from a new dimension.In short, it's not a book about Google. It's a book about the Social Web. And anyone interested in how the social web can go beyond the realms of cyberspace should give this book a try
Very thought-provoking book on the changing landscape of business and marketing.
Great Book! A must read for Google followers.
Given to the WPI Gordon Library in June 2011.
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