Where The Heart Is (2011)
Where the Heart Is (2011)
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MLR Press
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It goes into my favourites right now.I I love it, absolutely love it.A big city vet that has to move back to his home town and take over his father's practice.His partner Michael is over for xmas.Over the few hours of Christmas eve both Michael and Trevor realize there is no place like home and home is in each other's arms.I enjoy this story so much. It was sweet, and Michael was absolutely adorable. So patient with Trevor and his crazy hours, cooking for him, looking after him.And I think Kaje finally convinced me to get a kitten. 4.5 stars Two men who have been together for about a year, recently relegated to a long - distance relationship by circumstance, reunite for the holidays - and perhaps for good. However, is there common ground where a small-town veterinarian and a computer programmer could stand together? This was a sweet, uplifting holiday romance between two very likeable men who work together to make their relationship work. The characters as well as their problems were realistic, right out of life, nothing forced or artificial about them. Written in this author's light-handed, compelling style, this little story was a sweet after-christmas treat and totally enjoyable. Warmly recommended.
Short and sweet. I love veterinarians and I love Christmas, so this was a perfect, quick read.
Cute, short & sweet Christmas love story with an established couple.
3.5 starsSweet, short, Christmas story.
3.5 stars.
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