While I'm Falling (2009)
While I'm Falling (2009)
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I am not quite finished witht his book yet but wanted to post a review. It was a very slow start for me and at page 100 I almost gave up. The story started to pick up a bit so I kept reading. I feel like this book went from 0-100 in the a matter of one chapter. I understand "things fall apart" but at what point does the author think she may be going a bit too far with all of Veronica's bad luck and bad choices? I understood the divorce and the car accident but things have gotten a bit out of control and way too far past the point of imagination and it being realistic. I am just at the point where Veronica told off her dorm neighbor Marley and refuse to give up at this point so will hammer out the ending and hope for the best! To be honest I picked up this book thinking is was by Liane Moriarty. It wasn't until I looked up the book on Goodreads to review it that I realized the difference.However, I just want to say this is one of the best books I've read in a long while. There are no zombies, vampires, special powers, men with throbbing members, feisty heroines with emerald eyes or whips and handcuffs. No, just a wonderful novel with fully realized and realistic characters I cared about. There is a nicely developed plot and a satisfying climax. The prose is nicely written but not overwrought. I didn't want to put down this book and I am definitely going to seek out more by Ms. Moriarty. It was a wonderful choice. Serendipity!
Great character development, really enjoyed getting to know Veronica and Natalie.
Love love love
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