Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants 2014 Wall Calendar (2013)
Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants 2014 Wall Calendar (2013)
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1449433103 (ISBN13: 9781449433109)
Andrews McMeel Publishing
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I love The Oatmeal and this book, while not quite as funny as previous books, still made me laugh out loud in several parts. I only comic I had the most issue with was ironically the title comic. I was not really pulled into that one. Plus, I missed the Bobcats, not one mention of them in this book. The small mention of his dog was welcomed but too short. Overall this was funny and enjoyable to read. You can tell I am a hard core, i.e., complete idiot desperate for a laugh, fan when I say that I found the story, "Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants" to not only be funny, but insightful. And I so totally agree with Matthew Inman regarding the correct use of "e.g., ... and i.e., ...". There are jokes I can relate to, i.e., page 35, page 47, page 83, and, page 99 (titles and content withheld to protect the punchline). I bought this book for my husband, age 68, as a birthday present. He says he can relate to the stories, too. He will have to reveal his fav stories in his own review, however. One suggestion: you can read the book together at bedtime...a good laugh is good for sleep. Just do not be surprised if what he or she thinks is hilarious and spot-on is not the same for you, and vice versa...you may find yourself cringing in shame at the revelation of your true love's inner world...or maybe not. You may end up feeling deep comfort that you really know him/her. Take a chance. Enjoy this great book by The Oatmeal!
*3.5* Probably my least favourite of all of the ones I've read so far XD
Everything you love about The Oatmeal in a colorful book.
I love Le Oatmeal. I love this book. :D
Matthew Inman is a comic genius.
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