Wicked And Dangerous (2013)
Wicked and Dangerous (2013)
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0425263754 (ISBN13: 9780425263754)
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I don't normally read romantic suspense and I had never read anything by either of these authors, but I'm glad on both counts because I enjoyed this book. The suspense gets a little hokey at times, but the romance makes up for it (and then some). Although both stories are technically part of two other series, these can be read independently. I didn't have any trouble figuring out what was going on. I'll be reading more from both authors in the future. 3.5 starsThis book contains 2 stories: 1 from Shayla Black, "Wicked All Night", that's part of her Wicked Lovers series, and 1 from Rhyannon Byrd, "Make Me Yours", that's part of her Dangerous Tides series. I bought the book for the Wicked Lovers series story, 'cuz I'm a fan... sort of. But I found myself enjoying Ms. Byrd's story as much or more than the one I bought the book for!In "Wicked All Night", we have Decker McConnel, who's part of Xander's and Javier's Lafayette, Louisiana security company. While having a brew, Decker was mistaken for a hired hit man and propositioned to murder one Rachel Linden, an elementary English teacher. Decker "takes" the job, deciding to protect Ms. Linden from whoever wants her dead, while desperately trying to figure out WHY. She seems to be a beautiful, shy, divorced 29 year old with nothing to hide.It's a case of love-at-first site for him... which, yeah, is irksome. For her, it's lust-at-first site, which is kinda fun in the switcheroo. He's the one trying to have a relationship, while hiding the fact that he's been hired to kill her at the same time that he's trying to catch her killer... but keeping it all hidden from her. Confused? It's definitely a weird scenario, especially when we meet her ex, and Decker gives him not only the once-over, but the what-for.But it's kinda cute, very steamy & sexy, and all's well that ends well.In "Make Me Yours", Scott Ryder is ex-military who still hasn't gotten over the one girl he could never have: Lily Heller, his ex-commnander's daughter. Lily is 10+ years younger than Scott, and while he desperately lusts after her, he can't seem to allow himself to date her. Except he fantasizes about her all the time - enough so, that the opening scene is a doozy! Scott bumps into a strange woman hiding out near his front door; without so much as looking at her face, the guy is suddenly pawing at her clothes and touching and licking her all over. Really?But it's an interesting mystery... and there's enough steam and angst between Lily and Scott to make you want to turn the page to see what will happen between them next. Yeah, we know how it'll end; no surprises even in what kind of situations and endings are going to happen. But I enjoyed the ride.
Two of my favorite authors, but this was just okay for me!
Loved it. Couldn't put it down once I started it.
Review for Wicked All Night by Shayla Black
Fun. Just good fun.
pretty good
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