Wie Man Herzen Bricht (2013)
Wie man Herzen bricht (2013)
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Henry is a young teen who is what we call today a player. The last thing he wants is a committed relationship. He is some one is very good with girls and very manipulative but he never wanted a girlfriend. Then there is Garrett who has been hurt before and she has made the promise never to get hurt by a guy again. As she transfer to East Shore High she begins to be sought out by the popular girls names the J Squad. In order to get in the squad she has to take Henry to the biggest party at the high school and dump him in front of everybody. Some of the people in my class got to read this book last year but I never really read it until this year and I loved it. This book is truly like a normal life of teenagers. It made me laugh, think , and of course get mad. I thought it was a eye opener to any boy who think that they can't get hurt of fall for a girl. It speaks the truth about not only are boys known for being player but that girls know the game as well. The story line was amazing.I loved everything about the book, but I was mad that she actually went along with the plan, I thought she would've changed her mind. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves teen romance comedies. The language might be a little foul but this was a really good book. Guys and ladies could learn a lesson from this book. Wow. I never thought it would end that way -- which is why I completely loved it.Crash Test Love is a "cute" story. And also an interesting one. The narration and the characters (plus the image of them interacting in my head)had me hooked up to finishing the book fast.In the beginning, I suspected it'd be just like the other chick lit books -- and it is. But it sort of took a slightly different path, which made it so much more interesting.When I was about to finish the book, I already formed lots of ways on how Henry and Garret would end up together, just like all the other chick lits I've read. But as the end came closer, those thoughts slowly vanished.IMPRESSIVE.Got me pondering about so many things.Reeeead :)
3 stars only because I'm a sucker for happy endings and I didn't get one here :/
Very good,its sort of like your typical teenage movie chick flick but in a book.
Didn't finish.
Bad ending
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