Wild Magic (2013)
Wild Magic (2013)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 5
1627981772 (ISBN13: 9781627981774)
Dreamspinner Press
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Wild MagicShort & sweet.This really should have been part of book three, maybe book 3.5? We've all seen the little .5 books that come out in a series. Maybe it's too big to be part of a book but needs to be told. That's what we have here.Riley wasn't the only survivor of the mountain lion pack that Silas decimated. Blake & Avery, grown up, make their appearance in the future looking epilogue of book 3 Soul Magic. It's a very sweet story and I really felt for Dominic while he tried to figure out how to take responsibility for his nephews and Joseph while he tried to forgive Dominic for abandoning him so many years ago. Poppy did a beautiful job of writing their stories and wrapping up some loose ends to finish off the series. 3.5 stars rounded upThis is a short addition to a series I really like, but the focus is not on the High Moon Pack, though they are involved towards the end. Time wise it seems to fit in sometime around book 2/3 of the series.I liked this story of Joseph, a human estate agent, being reunited with his childhood best friend, Dominick, a mountain lion shifter and US Marshall, after the death of Dominick's sister who when Joseph discovers her dying in the forest, leaves her two small children (also shifters) with Joseph to look after until Dominick could return from overseas. The relationship between Joseph and Dominick grows slowly as they investigate what happened to the shifter pack and Dominick's assignment to track down a missing witness brings them into contact with the High Moon Pack and their very young alpha mountain lion shifter.
Really sweet addition to the series.
3.5 stars
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