Winter Soldier, Vol. 3: Black Widow Hunt (2013)
Winter Soldier, Vol. 3: Black Widow Hunt (2013)
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0785167285 (ISBN13: 9780785167280)
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Aw, shit, this volume is just evil. Just as I was getting used to Natasha's relationship with Bucky, starting to enjoy it, of course Brubacker turns it upside down. I liked the guest appearance of Cap, Hawkeye, Wolverine and Daredevil in this one, and the action is good -- I just wish the end didn't hurt my heart so much.Not that I don't expect Marvel to do that to me. Hello, the recent issues of Young Avengers. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 stars. This is the conclusion to the rescue Black Widow arc. It's full of cameos and Bucky trying to do it alone and in the end makin the ultimate sacrifice. It's infuryating from the point of view of Natasha because she doesn't get a say in the end and doesn't remember Bucky at all. Which is kinda of using her to pile more manpain on the already very full Bucky's shoulder. Still it ends the whole sleeper agents arc in a somewhat okay place.
Just about three stars mainly due to the art.
The ending is such bullshit. I can't even.
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Broke my heart. So painful.
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