Winterflammen (2014)
Winterflammen (2014)
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Egmont LYX
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Thank you Kristen Callihan for writting about love in a marriage and the complacency that settles in with the years. Poppy and Winston truly love eachother and are willing to work to make their marriage work. This is beautiful and refreshing to read about. I love reading about the blooming of a relationship but it is just the beginning of the story. I do not like watching the destruction of relationships - indi movies seem to love this and are praised for it. Something I do not understand as there are so many ways a relationship can fail - it is an easy thing to accomplish and show. Showing a relationship working, in my opion, is worth all the praise because it takes courage. Much like the courage needed to work on a relationship and make it work.On another note, the plot twists in this story are killer. Okay, I feel really bad for the demon. He just wanted to get to know his kids and skewed his morals may be, I think he does care. I liked the book but something felt a bit off again. I just feel a bit detached and I can't pinpoint the reason why. It is a good read but I think it could be enthralling. Maybe, it is that I'm not fully convinced they loved each other. Well, their marriage and chemistry did not seem like a good fit. They didn't really have a good banter, one that seems genuine. Their conversations were well enough but I expected more from a couple of fourteen years. I guess it is most unconvincing when Winston left without even talking to her. The story revolves around Poppy and Winston. Their marriage had been fractured when Winston was introduced to the supernatural world. Little did he know that his wife was in the midst of it. He left her and they reunited when Poppy received word that Winston is in trouble. Amidst the chaos is the demon, who signed a bargain with Winston fourteen years ago. He made it possible for Poppy and Winston to be together despite Poppy's self control and the social gap. They are tasked to find this Moira Darling and retrieve what she stole from him. Darling turns out to be Poppy's mother. They discover that the demon is Poppy, Daisy, and Miranda's father as well. Additionally, their brother lived. Their brother is what Darling stole from the demon. Poppy and Winston are caught between two hard choices, if they do not retrieve the brother, their unborn child is forfeit. However, the demon proposed an alternative, if Winston gave Poppy to him, he would give him his soul back and their unborn child as well. Winston came up with a plan for Jack to impersonate Poppy. They ended up signing a contract where the demon gets what he sees and releases Jack and the unborn child. They found out his true name and inscribed it on the scarab. A fight ensued in which a drugged out Poppy came to the rescue and dealt the final blow.
3.5/5 starsI like this one the best so far.
Favorite couple so far!!!!!
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