Wintergirls (2009)
Wintergirls (2009)
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067001110X (ISBN13: 9780670011100)
Viking Juvenile
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It was very hard to relate to Lia, which I suppose is a good thing, but I do like to have some connection with a character, and Lia and I were so different.I don't have an eating disorder and this helped me understand (for lack of a better word) more about how it feels to have one, but, it was hard to REALLY understand her because I don't have an eating disorder. Her thoughts and what she did, I didn't agree with and that was hard.I am also sad that Elijah just up and left. I really liked his character and did not like how it left off.This may sound like I didn't like the book, no! I LOVED the writing. It was both scary and beautiful. The ending was truly amazing. I am so happy Lia got help and was able to really TRY this time. I didn't enjoy the middle part of the book as much as I would've. Maybe because it's not "hashtag relatable" to me. However, I am deeply grateful for the adventure. I was able to encounter an 18-year old girl fight anorexia, try to keep her head above the waves, confused on deciding to end it all or struggle to live.It was a horrific journey for me. And I just can't help but think that if I already felt terrible enough reading all about Lia's anguishes, I can't imagine what she must have felt. Her and every other individual with an eating disorder.This is why the latter part of the book was such a wonderful relief for me. It shows raw courage and hard-work. And the clarity of always having a choice and of always having something to fight for, no matter how blurry your vision gets.
Great book. A good read for anyone who knows someone going through an eating disorder.
This book almost hurt to read. It was written really well.
I can't. I am not going to finish this book.
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