Wintermädchen (2010)
Wintermädchen (2010)
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I was absolutely enthralled from the first to the last page. I could barely put it down. Her lyrical writing style is intense--so intense that for a minute I thought I was Lia.True to what I have heard, there are some pretty nasty punctual and grammatical errors in this book--but this book definitely doesn't deserve 1 star just for that.Her style was strange, alarming, rigid--just as if with each word I was becoming consumed in the numbers, the repetitious self-depreciating words--they hit not too far from home.If you can see past the writing errors, then you can see into the lives of people who have struggled or are still struggling with ED's. It'll be a story you'll never forget if you truly feel the haunting emotions in this book. perhaps more embarrassing than writing a bad book is writing one that’s solidly mediocre. lia travels lightly through the world of anorexia; that is, it feels as though the author didn’t really do her research. it doesn’t go deep enough. it’s all the superficial parts — everything people assume about having an eating disorder — and none of the heavy lifting. seeing cassie’s ghost was ineffective and left no impact. you could argue that that’s what eating disorders *do*: they leave you tired and numb and fuzzy. i’m not buying it. i’ve struggled with an eating disorder. maybe this is coloring my review; i don’t know. i want to pretend this book never happened.
this is my favorite book ever. i related to lia so much. everyone should read it
Didn't finish it cause it bored me.. not really my cup of tea
This was my favorite book for like five years. So amazing.
This book is not messing around.
Read this book.
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