»Wir Haben Soeben Unsere Reiseflughöhe Vergessen«: Eine Stewardess Erzählt (German Edition) (2012)
»Wir haben soeben unsere Reiseflughöhe vergessen«: Eine Stewardess erzählt (German Edition) (2012)
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Think you want to be a flight attendant? Sure, they make their job look like anyone could do it. "Buckle up." "Here's your snack." "Welcome to . And I bet YOU could do their job - well, that part of it, anyway. Ms. Poole's book will rip the band-aid right off your naïve dream. In an honest, tell-all tale about the behind the scenes work your flight crew does for you, you may want to rethink the "glam job with free travel passes." And, dear air traveler, you'd better appreciate the folks who make their jobs look easy and your travel safe! If you are a flight attendant everything in this book will make sense to you. If you're not you're going to get a very good insight into what it's all about. And it's certainly more than just serving diet Cokes. The schedules, the workload, the crazy hours. Insane passengers. Connections. Missed connections. It's all there in this fun witty book. Heathers writing style is easy and even the non-airline professional will understand all the jargon as Heather clearly explains airline lingo in plain English. Remember to always treat your crew well! Being nice to a flight attendant will get you wonders!
This hit close to home for me- not every "glamorous" job is as it seems :)
I like Heather's stories, just wish there was more to the book.
Loved this book! Fun to read page turner:)
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