With Every Heartbeat (2000)
With Every Heartbeat (2000)
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This one probably had the most words of wisdom for us introverted reader/writers of her books, and that was really inspirational and made me love the characters. And did I love the characters!! Kage did a spectacular job at giving everyone their own distinct personalities, and switching from Caroline to Zoey was a major shift in perspective. I also completely adored how the characters tried their hardest to communicate and not let shit go down, they actually acted like people who wanted their relationships to work!! And, as a cherry on top, this book was like an ode to Psych. Yes please. I did really love this, Quinn and Zoey were adorable characters and I loved them both, especially when they were together they made a perfect couple just like Reese and Eva thought they would. I am so in love with this series - it's such fun to read them but then they have really emotional moments which are so well-written. I especially loved seeing more of Ten - him and Pick and Mason are my fave guys! because yes Ten would make a "fucking awesome friend" as he put it. The back-and-forth between Ten and Caroline though - "I didn't know Oren was capable of anything but pissing people off". But back to Quinn and Zoey - god I hated the way that Cora treated them both - I honestly HATED HATED HATED her...God never before have I just wanted a character to get brutally killed (that's probably a little harsh but in those split seconds when she was being a super-super-super bitch God I don't know how either of them could stand it, I loved Ten when he just basically kept telling her to fuck off, but it takes a lot of skill to make a character that I could hate that much.I loved the way that Quinn and Zoey were together and I loved the slow-build of their relationship - the only problem I had was that first time they had sex, like I just found that impossible to comprehend that Zoey - knowing the character she was - would do that after he'd just broke up with Cora - but it was still super hot! I love all the crude jokes and humour especially between the guys it never fails to make me laugh out loud. I loved seeing more of Reese - GOD I LOVE her and Mason and then Eva and Pick - honestly I don't really feel Aspen and Noel as much as the others but I still love all these characters as a group. "With every beat of my heart, I am yours, Zoey Alaina Blakeland"
Loved this book x
4.5 stars
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