Within My Heart (2010)
Within My Heart (2010)
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0764203916 (ISBN13: 9780764203916)
Bethany House Publishers
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Is it possible to have a second chance to love again? Can you be completely happy again after you have already been blessed with a marriage and a family? Rachel Boyd thinks that is impossible. But fate has always other plans and when she has the chance to know Rand Brookston better, a physician who has lived in her town for two years, she starts to question her heart. Rachel has always kept him at arm’s length because of his job, he is a doctor like her father and she is certain they have many other things in common which Rachel does not approve. But the more time she spends with Dr. Brookston, the more she is unsure about her feelings. Will her heart prove her she is wrong in judging him so harshly? Will she risk her family’s safety to love again? Beautiful. Simply beautiful. My first book by Tamera Alexander was incredibly good. It is one of those books you want to read again before you have even finished it! You know you need to re-read it because Rand and Rachel’s story is worth reading, multiple times. They became so endearing to me by the end of the book that I can tell they are on my “favourite couples” list. Their relationship is not easy, Rachel has suffered too much after her husband’s death and has closed her heart, but Rand Brookston is a great man and the only one who can make Rachel love again, despite her fears and hesitations and with a passion totally new to her. At the same time Rachel and her lovely children, Mitch and Kurt, are a lifeline for Rand. All the years spent fighting in the Army have changed him and some dreadful situations he was in left a deep mark in his heart and mind. But the sweetness of this woman and her little boys will give him a new strength he did not know he had.This is the most touching book I have ever read, at least as far as I can remember. Ms. Alexander’s writing is powerful and poignant, and there are a couple of scenes that made me almost cry and I am not the kind of girl who cries over a novel, that never happened to me. But this story is wonderful and some things were extremely moving.I loved how the author handled some themes, such as death and forgiveness, and I loved the way the characters faced heartbreaking situations with dignity and strength. Besides the protagonists, I loved Rachel’s sons, Mitch and Kurt, they were lovely boys and all the scenes with them were unique, they made me feel that kind of emotion only children can give you. All the parts with them were very sweet and beautiful. Plus, Rand was wonderful with them and his relationship with these two little boys was the key to put his past behind him. There are so many moments I loved that I cannot explain them all (otherwise this would be an essay!), but one of my favourite scenes involves Rachel and an old friend of hers, which is lovely because of its meaning and it is exceedingly poignant.Although this is the third book of the series “Timber Ridge Reflections”, it can be read as a standalone but I am looking forward to reading the first two instalments as well since I am very curious to know the stories of other characters only marginally present in this one.If you are either familiar with Tamera Alexander’s books or she is a new author to you, I highly recommend “Within my Heart”. It is a story you cannot miss. I hurried out to the library to get this book because i loved book #2 so much. I was a little disappointed that the characters that I fell in love with in the previous book were hardly mentioned at all. But these characters were just as easy to like and to get involved with their lives. It drug in certain spots, thus the 4 rating, but I am really glad I finished the series and would recommend this to anyone who likes historical fiction.
Light read love story PG rated - good writing and entertaining!
Not as good as the first two IMHO but still good :-)
I think this was my favorite book from the trilogy.
Tamera Alexander knows how to tell a story.
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