Wizard Of Rondo, The (2012)
Wizard of Rondo, The (2012)
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The Wizard of Rondo is about some kids that go to a wonderful world called Rondo. Rondo is inside of a music box that the main character, Leo Landlangder , an average boy with steady responsible eyes who always thinks ahead and is very trustworthy, had inherited a music box from his great aunt Bethany who had passed away. When Leo’s Cousin Mimi turned the key of the music box too many times they had found a new world called Rondo. In this wonderful world there are all sorts of mythical creatures. After Leo and Mimi found Rondo they stayed for a while and then returned home. Then a few weeks after getting home from Rondo Mimi and Leo returned to Rondo. At first they had gone just to see their old friends that they had made in their first visit. When they arrive in Rondo they find out that nobody has seen or heard from the evil Blue Queen but there is a cloud castle that just appeared one day. Then after its appearance people started to disappear. The people in the town started to blame the disappearances on a monster called the Strix. They were right the people that had been disappearing were being taken, preserved, and collected by the Strix .Leo and Mimi are very careful to avoid the Strix monster but when they enter a thick fog to try to rescue the great wizard Bing from it they too are taken along with all of Leo’s. In order to save his friends Leo trades some special flowers he had found on the ground while in the fog for his friends. The strix that had taken Leo’s friends ended up being the wicked Blue Queen however; she was not the real one. Then the town’s people started to summon the Strix. When the Strix appeared the Blue Queen vanished and the cages that Leo and his friends were trapped in disappeared. The Strix said that he needed somebody new for his collection before he would stop taking the towns people. So Tye the last of the tiger folk sacrificed herself to the Strix to save her friends. But seeing her braveness he let her go, and the cloud palace vanished and so did the Strix.I thougt that The Wizard of Rondo is a very fun and exiting book that will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting to find out what happens next . This fantastic novel is a sequel to another Rondo book, which I haven't read, but enjoyed anyway. Rodda writes great fantasy and this is up there with the best. She takes characters from fairy tales and nursery rhymes and weaves them into her magical world of Rondo, which can be entered by Leo and Mimi using the key to the music box world which is where Rondo is located. It is a quest novel of sorts - Leo and Mimi join friends from their previous adventure, including Bertha the pig, Conker, Freda the duck, who set off to find out the truth behind the disappearance of Wizard Bing and what role Simon Humble really played in this event. I loved the cooking pot and the wayward flying carpet, both of whom have lovely cameo roles that allow much humour. I actually began listening to this as an audio book, but the narration annoyed me so much that I turned to the book - and finished it in one night. If I had continued with the audio, I am sure I would have written quite a different review, so listeners beware!!
This book was okay. Not my favourite however it may not be for my age group... :P
It wasn't as good as THE KEY TO RONDO but it is worth reading.
Cool!! But not as good as the first one... :|
This book was really really good!
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