Words Spoken True (2012)
Words Spoken True (2012)
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0800720458 (ISBN13: 9780800720452)
Fleming H. Revell Company
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I couldn't help but feel this book was a little bit ridiculous. The main character Adriane is insufferable, and the idea that both she and Blake are incredibly attractive and both knew it was a bit irritating. There was no progression in the relationship and i think that ,made it difficut to warm to the two of them as a couple.I'd also say that it does fall into the category of 'christian fiction' but it is a bit too heavy on the physical relationship and generally has some unpleasant themes. I wouldn't read anything by this author again because i feel the whole story was a bit strained. It is a pity. I can't say I hated the book. I read it and I read it quickly. The writing itself is not abhorrent to read in any way, but the story is distinctly lacking I'm afraid. Excellent story of society in the mid 1800"s. Adriane is the only offspring of newsa paper tycoon Wade Darcy. Mr. Darcy gets caught up in the politics of the No Nothing Party and also in debt to the politician in that party running for senator. As typical of the era they make a deal to get their offspring married. The Mr. Jimson wants to 'own' what the paper prints and he also wants his unstable son, Stanley, married to the belle of the city. In return he is willing to forgive the debt Mr. Darcy owes him. Adriane loathes Stanley and tries to find a way to get out of the marriage. She stalls as long as she can. She also feels like she should honor her father and do what he thinks is best for her. In the mean time a dashing young man leeps crossing her path and Adriane finds herself looking for ways to see him. Blake is also in the newspaper business and is the editor for the rival newspaper in their city. This book is a page turner and also interesting with history.
It made me cry, laugh, and cheer! Very emotional but good!
Not bad historical fiction; fairly predictable plot.
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