Yasmin How You Know? (2012)
Yasmin How You Know? (2012)
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Leo Burnett-Arc Malaysia
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I love this book. The way they published in quotes format make the book easy to read. This book has revealed how Yasmin Ahmad do in her life. Some of the quotes/paragraph are easy to understand and make sense to our life(I mean the things that never thought in my life). A bit downside of this book is as a muslim we might find some "argument" in this book. There were also pictures of Yasmin Ahmad in this book that make it interesting. The book cover is also another surprise. Yasmin Ahmad is known within the local (and international) creative circuit as a brilliant storyteller; whether on the television or in print, advertisements with her hand in it reaches deep into your heart and touches it profoundly. Her passing had shocked Malaysians who knew her. This book is a compilation of what the people around her remembered about her in their observation, her sayings, their conversations and so on.After purchasing this book and about to leave the mall for a kilometre walk towards the train stations, I was struck by this huge curiousity to take a peek. Next thing I know I was standing next to the pak guard of the mall, reading page after page of this book; chuckling and smiling and feeling sad and touched. Her humour, wisdom, depth and wit are quite addictive.Will read again, A++.
everyone have their style , their ways , n she be herself.... she do with passion .....
there's no way you will not love this book.
Beautiful. Though almost fairytale-ish.
What a beautiful biography.
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