Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!: The Story Of Pop Music From Bill Haley To Beyonce (2014)
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!: The Story of Pop Music from Bill Haley to Beyonce (2014)
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0393242692 (ISBN13: 9780393242690)
W. W. Norton & Company
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This is a well-written and information-packed book. Stanley is highly opinionated, which for the most part makes the book an interesting read, although at certain times I found his opinions to be irrational which tended to detract from my overall enjoyment. For example, Stanley seems to think that musical sophistication and complexity are inherently detrimental to good music, so he tends to be dismissive of many of my favorite pop sub-genres, and he also tends to elevate certain sub-genres to what I strongly believe are undeserved pedestals. Moreover, being British he assesses everything and writes from a British perspective, so roughly a quarter of the content is virtually meaningless to an American like me. I really liked and enjoyed reading this book (especially the first 60% of it), and the book has given me a list of new artists, albums and songs to explore. I wanted to give it 4 stars, but ultimately its shortcomings knocked it down to 3. Amazing, kaleidoscopic musical and cultural history of Anglo-American popular music from the 50s through the 2000s, seen through British eyes. While my sense of aesthetics is similar to that of the author, there are plenty of places where we diverge, which makes his take all the more interesting. It also made me realize that those genres and artists that are most important to me personally, or to my friends (or to my geographic and age-based cohort), sometimes register only as a blip in the "big picture" of pop music. My favorites may be incredibly important to me, but that's no guarantee that they had any influence in music beyond a "niche" audience or a limited 5-year-period of history.
This was very good. When the triple album compilation comes out i will buy it.
Good natured and thorough account of the history of pop.
A list of dates and names with superficial details.
Bob Stanley is the great curator of pop music.
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