Öyle Bir Geceydi Ki (2014)
Öyle Bir Geceydi Ki (2014)
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‘Twas the Night After Christmas by Sabrina Jeffries is the last book in The Hellions of Hallstead Hall and the bridge book for The Duke’s Men series. This historical romance centers on Pierce Waverly who is the cousin of the wife of one the hellions from Hallstead Hall.Pierce is estranged from his mother after he is sent to school at age 8 and never allowed to return home until after the death of his father. His mother’s companion, Camilla Stuart is determined to reunite the pair. Camilla grew up in an orphanage so she knows the pain of growing up without parents. The story is full of angst from Pierce, fear of revealing the truth from his mother, and stubborn determination from Camilla.The use of the poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas throughout the story is charming. Camilla’s son is enraptured by the story and even names his tin soldiers after the reindeer. Camilla is a good woman who cares for those around her and wants to bring peace to the family. Pierce is brooding but not unkind. However, Pierce’s mother is just annoying. She continues to keep the story of why Pierce’s father sent him away and refused to let him return to herself. Her excuse was that she could not stand for them to hate her. A bit of stubborn pride is understandable, but by the end of the book I wanted her to just get over it.Jeffries is always a good storyteller and this book is no exception. Overall, the story of Camilla’s romance with Pierce is well done and believable. Other than the mother’s behavior, this is a pretty good story. 3.5Fuar dönemi başlayıp ancak fuar bitince devam edebildiğim kitap sonunda bitti. Sonunda diyorum çünkü, başladığımda daha heyecanlı bulmama rağmen aynı şekilde devam etmemesinin yanı sıra, araya giren sürede biraz etkiledi sanırım. Tabi ki bir çok kitaba göre güzeldi ancak yazar Jeffries ise sanırım en vasat kitabı buydu. Özellikle Sharpe kardeşlere ne kadar bayıldığım göz önüne alınırsa yanından bile geçemezdi. Gerçi sonunda Jackson ve Gabriel az da olsa dahil olarak sevinmemi sağladı ama o kadarı asla yeterli gelmez. Keşke şöyle tüm Sharpe'ların dahil olduğu bir kitap patlatsaymış :D
Sweet story. Slightly unusual characters.
A perfectly pleasant fluff romance book
A bodice ripper for the holidays....
A sweet Christmas story
LOVED it!!!
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