You Are The Password To My Life (2014)
You are the Password to my Life (2014)
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8184005849 (ISBN13: 9788184005844)
Penguin Random House India
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Poor writing. It was like reading a terribly written news report. I do not want to read what was happening with those characters but I want to live them. Every situation and every emotion. That's what a real fiction writer should aim to achieve. And his attempt to be humorous looked terribly stupid. virat and kavya do something and they laugh together and I was like what the hell is happening. seriously, this is not how you write a novel. Make the readers laugh or smile or cry along with the characters. And they watching b grade movies together? seriously are you out of your mind? you shouldn't have gone to this level to show they are best of friends, Sudeep. Think and do some homework before you write about a relationship, be it any.Past the second chapter and I dumped the book back into the shelf. I'm sure I would never continue reading. Just got to be as horrible as his 'It started with a friend request. ' Once again mislead by some positive reviews. one of the best book i have ever read...this is a fabulous book..proud to be a lover of ur books sudeep nagarkar.The way each character was so spl in its own way..i just loved it.A true friendship, a true love..tat was just awesome..this book tels how to fight with life,how to love,how to value friendship and love,how just one person and one moment can turn ur life around in the manner u have never shud nvr miss this book...<3 <3
Well written .. Will be a great choice among 20's who fancy romance with friendship !
Amazing One ...!!!Worth to read.
A very good read, indeed.
Emotional ending.
Thumbs up !!
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