You Belong To Me (2011)
You Belong to Me (2011)
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0755373901 (ISBN13: 9780755373901)
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This has to be one of my most favorite books. The introduction to the characters was well written. The sympathy you got for these characters While the book went on was very good. Their were even a few tear jearker scenes towards the end. It was so well written that I became just by that book a huge fan of Karen Rose. I cannot wait to read 'No One Left To Tell'. The mystery aspect in is book was very high, I was into this book all the way throughout, and slowly got myself addicted to the Baltimore series :-D. I wrote a paper for school about this book. And got an 'A'. I had to write an alternative ending for the book as one of the assignments of the book report. I made a more disturbing and gruesome ending. It probably wont match up with the sequels... But whatever. I loved this book, and forever will. I definitely see myself reading this one again in the near future. I really loved it! :-D Bought this soon as came on amazon kindle., having not being able to put down any others as soon as avail as an ebook. Some other books and authors that I have read so many, but they lose their skill at book 8. But Karen rose just gets better by the book and this one will not disappoint any that like mystery thriller suspense, with the added touch of romance that develops thru the book without being overbearing... The plot is thick with suspense that u just can't put down.... In my case I read it overnite without being able to put down (so much for sleep u say)
sterk plot, veel spanning, onverwachte wendingen! absolute pageturner
kitaptaki gerilimden çok J.D ve Lucy'nin aşkı daha iyiydi :D
An addictive thriller following a killer out for revenge. EEK!
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