You Could Be Home By Now (2014)
You Could Be Home by Now (2014)
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1440583129 (ISBN13: 9781440583124)
Tyrus Books
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Reading it, I could feel myself going along for the ride and seeing what happens next with Lily, Ben, and Seth. Those three characters' voices really stay with you throughout the story and you just can't help but giggle when Lily comes on the scene, she is the glue that held all of the pieces of the story together. Read this book, It is a nice change from the usual Stephanie Plum novels I read on a nice sunny day; I want more from this author. :) Like a book, there is also more to people than what you see on the outside. This book takes a look at several lives and their experiences one hot summer in AZ. I don't think the book *quite lived up to ALL the hype written about it, however, it's very rare that any book does. I did learn a bit about myself and grief, the odd relationship I have with it. For that, I give this 4 stars. The story was -just- shy of 5.
I thought this was a good character study. Never did trust those retirement communities.
Up to p155 and it just wasn't grabbing me.
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