You Have Seven Messages (2011)
You Have Seven Messages (2011)
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038574028X (ISBN13: 9780385740289)
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
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Sadly this story was about 200 pages too long. When I read the synopsis it held so much promise for an interesting story like a big mystery leading up to Luna's mother's death but it got on my nerves more than anything else. First off Luna was not a very likable character to me but then again all the characters seemed a bit edgy or incomplete. She's a bit childish on the one hand and too big for her britches on the other. She is supposedly falling in love with a guy across the street and is bashful towards him one minute and daring him to kiss her the next?Then there are just minor things like her mother has been dead for like a year but her father has not cleaned her loft out downtown nor cancelled her cell phone service and this is how Luna stumbles upon her mother's cell phone having messages on it because it is still plugged in and on charge just like the day she left it. And that's another thing...her mother died when she got hit by a taxi on the street corner. I would think she would have had her cell phone on her person? Who leaves home without their cell phone now a days?I can't say much more without giving the whole thing away but I will say it was not what I was expecting. If your looking for a big mystery or love story don't look here. This book was good. Just... good.I liked the concept, I really did. And the parts where Luna was trying to find out the meaning of the messages was interesting. If the book had been mainly a mystery about the cryptic messages on her mother's cell phone, this book would have been a whole lot more interesting than a few pages of mystery and then photography shows and moping about Oliver. I liked the message that no one is picture-perfect, and that you shouldn't judge people on the first glance. I was not a fan of the romance. I will admit, I am a bit morally opposed to romance when it comes to my books, but as far as I can tell, Oliver didn't even know her name!In addition to that, her dad seemed to be unnaturally OK with her galavanting around the city without telling anyone. I'm pretty sure I'd get more than a "Don't do it again" if I went riding the subway alone without at least letting my dad know. Towards the end, it was a bit of chore to get myself through.
Never finished the book, got to page 100 and was like "no way".
I would really give this a 4.5 -- great story!
couldn't finish it lol, bleh
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