Zom-B Angels (2013)
Zom-B Angels (2013)
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0857077678 (ISBN13: 9780857077677)
Simon & Schuster UK
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I am enjoying this series.The main reason is that the writing is crisp, clear, concise; and easy to read at two in the morning, (which I when I do most of my reading for myself).I also think that Becky, or B, as she prefers to be called, is a great protagonist.She is a teenager, faced with real drama and real "life" or should I say "dead" issues. I like her cycnacism but also her tenacity in that she refuses to give up even in a post acopocaplytic world as hers!I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Okkk, this series is starting to get more confusing buy the minute. B has met new people and some old not so nice people. I dont know why but old characters are over lapping in this new life. Rage is back and more annoying than ever. B is falling into her dislike the races thing again and being very ignorant. Im trying to push through because I really want to know whats going to happen. She has met up with a group that refers to themselves as the angel's, one believing that he talks to God directly . I dont know if this is a crazy cult spin or if this is really the direction this series is heading. I'm also very suspicious of the other so called angels and what there hope for the immediate future is.
Very good book in the series. The plot thickens, so to speak.
Brilliant book!fantastic series!
I love the docs backstory...
How do I read it ??????.
I liked this book
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