Zom-B, Book 6 (2014)
Zom-B, Book 6 (2014)
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Just when I think, it can't get any worse for B, it does. B,(Becky) decided to leave the safety she had known, and find another place, where she won't have to care for anyone. She thinks she doesn't deserve to be loved, or cared for, as she considers herself to be a monster.B is captured and forced to fight for her life, in a sort of gladiator spectacle, created by bored and rich people, who have nothing else to do and are searching for entertainment.B becomes the protector of over a dozen children, who are being kept captive, and used as playthings by one extremely despicable man, named Dan-Dan. He enjoyes torturing the children but has to agree if B will continue to fight against other zombies.Sometimes she has up to five or six battles in one day. B continues to fight, knowing full well, the minute she can't go back in the arena, it is a death sentence for the little ones.Layered with a thoughtful plot, non stop action, and a character that is developing into something better than she was, when she was alive; this series continues to keep me on the edge of my seat.I look forward to the next in the series. The book Zom-B Gladiator by Darren Shan was an amazing book. It is the sixth book of the series called Zom-B. B Smith and her group of survivors are introduced in the beginning of the book. The zombie-filled plot is what kept me going through the pages. The book has a lot of details describing what happens to each member of the group and how life is for a revived. The strongest part of the book is the plot. The plot starts out with the world being dreadful because of a deadly virus that was created by a mad scientist. B Smith is the main character and she is probably the one with the most wits in the group. The writing in this book is good because it is well described and is close to perfect. The series is an amazing series and I will keep on reading this series. After a mission goes horribly wrong and someone gets captured, will the group rescue the person or will they fail?
I can't get enough of this series!
i think this is the best one yet.
I liked this book.
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