Zom-B City (2013)
Zom-B City (2013)
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0857077635 (ISBN13: 9780857077639)
Simon & Schuster UK
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Becky realizes that she has limited resources in the devastating world that she has just seen and knows that she must covers herself with lots of clothes to keep herself protected from the blistering sun. She wants to find a way to help people and to try and save the world. One thing that stops her is another devastating attack by Mr. Dowling when the army was going to take her and lots of other survivors to a safe haven. When she realizes that her hopes are up she decides to follow some arrows that she has spotted leading her to a place full of more mystery than she has even seen before.This book is about how you have to persevere through life no matter how bad it can be. Becky's adventures as a revitalized zombie continues in this, the third book,of the series.She has escaped the underground lab where she was held a prisoner for many months.Now she is exploring London, a once glorious town, that is now filled with nothing but despair, desperation, and disease.Mr. Shan continues to impress me with his writing style. His descriptions make you feel like you are right there, following in Becky's footsteps, but wishing you were anywhere else.His writing can be severely remembered. I have read numerous zombie novels; this is the first one that actually gave me nightmares. His description of Mr. Darling has been put into my brain and I sure wish I could push a delete button to rid me of that man.I look forward to reading the next book in the series.You might be wondering - why only three stars? Simple - the book is not long enough. I would ask that Mr. Shan include more adventures in each book. I can't get enough of his world.
Enjoyed the air of mystery in this one and look forward to reading the next installment.
Another very interesting installment in what's shaping up to be a very cool series.
I think all three of the book I have read are very good.
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