Zom-B Family (2014)
Zom-B Family (2014)
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Simon & Schuster
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This has to be my favourite book in the series so far! I read it in a couple of hours and I just couldn't put it down. This book was filled with action and suspense and the plot-twist near the end was probably what made this book for me. I'm not quite sure when the next book is out but, knowing Darren Shan, I'm sure my torment won't be dragged out too long. 4.5/5 stars - a fantastic addition to the series. I read this book in the bath in one sitting (wrinkling my skin to better empathise with Shan's lovely zombies!). 9 deep in the series, the rhythm of these books is well established and works rather well overall. Shan's at his best conjuring up fantastical characters like Mr Dowling and everybody's favourite child-killer, Dan-Dan. I'd love to see a prequel or side project solely focused on Dan-Dan's exploits prior to the release of the zombie virus. Such a book would have to be so far out of the YA park though (I've never written any fan-fic, but Dan-Dan's one character I'd love to spend more time with, hmmmm). In fact, some of the more grotesque and gory scenes in Zom-B Family are pretty near the knuckle for the target market. Kudos to Shan and his team for pushing the envelope. I'm approaching my forties, but if I were a teenager I'd devour these books and worship at Shan's bloody altar. Good fun.
Love the series, love B, hate waiting for the next installment.
Definitely one of the most creepy and gritty of the series
loved it keeping bringing them in
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