Zombie Spaceship Wasteland (2011)
Zombie Spaceship Wasteland (2011)
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First things first: I really enjoyed this book, and the speed at which I read it is a a testament to that.This book reads very fast and, at moments, I wish it would've read a little slower. In contrast there were moments where I wish it would've read a little faster...Every time I would form an opinion on something I found off about the book Patton seemed to address it in the very next chapter. I loved the essays about his life and about him in general. Some of the more outlandish stuff, I think would've fit better in its own book. However, Patton addressed that as well. Any flaw I found he pointed out himself, so I can't call them flaws.Either way, this book is very fun, funny, and enjoyable. If you know Patton Oswalt "The Comedian" then this book is for you. If you only know him as the nerd from King of Queens, this probably isn't for you. Good, a little slight. Would have loved more of the memoir elements. There was a stretch where he talks about building snow forts as a kid that I had to put down to keep from annoying my wife with laughter. I continued to laugh 5 minutes after setting the book down. Great passages about an REM record that changed his life, intermingled with recollections about working in a movie theater. A quick read, and I wanted more.
Left wanting more. This was a wonderful insight into the real man, not just the jester on stage.
I really liked the more memoirish parts, not so much the other parts.
Some funny essays but a lot of them fall flat
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